Four FOLD Publishing

We are an innovative publishing house that specializes in a multi-faceted approach to publishing.

We believe that publishing a book or a blog is not enough to satisfy the needs of our readers. They need a lot of different mediums to actually make use of the information that our books have. We excel in converting the advice or other educational content in our books into actionable software that can be practiced (not just preached) with web apps, mobile apps and an immersive learning experience including but not limited to videos, blogs, podcasts etc.

We are very selective in picking up the genres and the authors that we work with and we expect a complete partnership with the authors to build a multi-dimensional "product" not just publish a book.

How We work

  • Identify the reader needs

  • Identify the subject matter expert author

  • Work with them to build the narrative

  • Explore and decide on Four fold impact

  • Market and launch

  • Improve iteratively until we have happy customers

Checkout our most recent launch - "Fast and Low : An Engineer's Approach to Health and Wellness"